Gayle King

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I like wearing two, three, even four...
long necklaces at a time—my own private Mr. T starter kit. But I took one look at the Ikia necklace by Sissy Yates and decided it was special enough to stand alone. This white druzy pendant on a beaded chain also looks great when I occasionally put it on backward (forgive me, Sissy), with its gold side facing out. I wore it on TV, and CBS got so many calls that I'm sharing the shopping info with you.

Necklace: $210;
Steve Harvey

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"A boy without a male role model is like an explorer without a map."
Steve Harvey said that, and I say, "Happy Father's Day!" Here's hoping every good guy out there makes a point of helping to map a child's future.
Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in The Heat

Photo: Gemma La Mana

What do you get...
when you mix a rough-around-the-edges Melissa McCarthy with a buttoned-up Sandra Bullock? Perfect chemistry! McCarthy is a foul-mouthed Boston cop, Bullock is the straitlaced FBI agent she's forced to work with, and The Heat is a very funny movie. Note: I did not say chick flick. Anybody with a pulse is going to laugh out loud.

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Summer officially kicks off...
on June 21, and nothing says summer like barbecue. I had my first taste of the real deal—ooey, gooey, smoky, melt-in-your-mouth grilling—years ago when I anchored the news in Kansas City, Missouri, and I've been hooked ever since. Some of my Twitter followers weighed in with their favorite spots: And a couple dozen of you swear by Oklahoma Joe's BBQ, back near my old stomping ground in Kansas City. I think I feel a road trip coming on!
Behind the Candelabra HBO

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Long before there was Lady Gaga...
there was Liberace—talented, extravagant, and an American original. Behind the Candelabra traces his torrid five years with Scott Thorson, from their first hello to their bittersweet goodbye. The shattering performances of Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as Liberace and Thorson blew me away, and I predict they'll do the same to Emmy voters. In the film, Liberace says, "Too much of a good thing is wonderful." This story is too much of a very good thing!

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