Tina Fey in Admission

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Is there anybody who doesn't like Tina Fey?
If so, I sure haven't run into them. In Admission, she plays a Princeton admissions officer whose life is turned upside down by high school teacher Paul Rudd and the student he wants her to accept. Having lived through the whole application thing with my kids, I loved the (admittedly dramatized) glimpse into how the admissions process actually works. This movie is funny, unpredictable, romantic, and surprisingly poignant—another high five for Tina Fey.
Jon Bon Jovi

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Ever wonder what Jon Bon Jovi is really like?
He probably doesn't remember it, but I'll never forget interviewing him back when I was a local reporter and he was already a huge rocker. I like his lyrics, his voice, his swagger, and more than anything, his wildly philanthropic heart. Bon Jovi's new album, What About Now, is in stores March 26. My favorite track is "Thick as Thieves." I love the line: "It's classic boy-meets-girl with our backs against the world you and me thick as thieves."
Liam Neeson

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In praise of Irish men...
Some people want green beer on St. Patrick's Day. And some people want Liam Neeson. Let's just say, I have never been a beer drinker!

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I consider myself lucky...
that Sheila Johnson, the cofounder of Black Entertainment Television, didn't choose to rest on her very impressive business laurels. Her luscious 100 percent modal scarves, printed with photos she takes all over the world, are gorgeous. Wearing one is like being wrapped in a hug. My two favorite colors are yellow and orange, so I'm crazy about this floral print, called Orchid. ($475; SheilaJohnsonCollection.com)

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The first time I met Beyoncé...
she was about 18 years old, sitting in a makeup chair eating fried chicken, and I knew it was only a matter of time before everyone would know her name. Fast-forward more than a decade, and I guarantee that after seeing Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream, the riveting HBO documentary in which this notoriously private artist puts herself out there like never before, we'll remember her name forever.
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy students

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"All stress comes from resisting what is."
When I heard Oprah say this to the graduating seniors at her leadership academy for girls in South Africa, it really hit home. We're all spending way too much of our time and energy trying to fight the stuff we can't change.

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