Gayle King

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"Always be more than you appear, and never appear to be more than you are."
I first heard that quote from Bono. He heard it from German chancellor Angela Merkel. She heard it from her father. And now you're hearing it from me!

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I once flew to Paris...
for the weekend just to see Jay-Z in concert, and I've seen and loved Justin Timberlake performing, too—so when I heard they were touring together starting this month, I did the happy dance! I'm also looking forward to Blake Shelton's summer tour. He's a good ol' boy, laid-back, talented and cute to boot.
Motown: The Musical

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Motown: The Musical is Berry Gordy's account...
of the '60s, and I defy anybody not to leave the theater humming the songs. When "My Guy" started, I actually choked up a little remembering how my mother waited for the Mary Wells hit to come on the radio, then took down the lyrics in shorthand—because in 1964 women knew shorthand—and typed them up so I could stand in front of the mirror singing Smokey Robinson's words into my hairbrush. All these years later, I still know every last one.
Gayle King's sheath dresses

O Creative Director Adam Glassman...
recently referred to the sheath dress as my uniform. I was horrified; "uniform" sounds so predictable. Then I looked in my closet. Hello, my name is Gayle...and I'm a sheath-aholic. I have one in every price point and color, from yellow to purple, Michael Kors to Boston Proper. They're timeless, easy to wear and great for day and night. Check out this number from Banana Republic—it's a keeper! ($140;
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Whoopie pie

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The whoopie pie just got a makeover.
Chococoa Baking Company and Café in Newburyport, Massachusetts, uses all-natural ingredients to create a triple-chocolate cake with buttercream filling that's two very satisfying inches in delicious diameter and only 160 calories! My favorite is the salted-caramel-filled whoopie, but it was a tough call. ($26 a dozen;
David Geffen

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When David Geffen talks, I listen.
So when he insisted that Breaking Bad was "a must," I tried it and got as hooked as one of Walter White's crystal-meth-using customers. Never has a TV character fallen so far from grace as White, and with the final season of this nerve-racking series starting August 11, we're going to finally find out where he lands. Back in April, I attended the Time 100 Dinner, where the fabulous Bryan Cranston was honored as one of the year's most influential people. I said to him, "This can't possibly end well for Walt." He just smiled and said nothing. Guess we'll have to stay tuned.

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