Precious, executive produced by Oprah and Tyler Perry, is on the Oscar® fast track. Mo'nique has already won a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for her performance as Mary Jones. Meet the stars of the film, go behind the scenes and watch a trailer. Plus, get showtimes and tickets!
Mo'Nique Her heartfelt speech was the highlight of the night.  Check out Mo'Nique's golden moment.

Gabourey SidibeShe was a regular college student until one audition changed her life. Breakout star Gabby Sidibe is preparing for fame.

Mo'Nique It's being called the performance that will change her career. Comedian and actress Mo'Nique talks about her dramatic new role

Precious trailerPrecious is the movie Oprah can't stop talking about. Go inside the film that takes a hard look at an unlikely heroine.

Precious director Lee DanielsPrecious director Lee Daniels talks about finding the film's star, getting Mariah out of her heels and helping Mo'Nique prepare. 

PreciousWatch the trailer for Precious.

Precious showtimes and tickets Find out when Precious is coming to your area.


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