Frodo's family moved and was not able to take him along, so they brought him to the Humane Society of Utah. Talk about a big boy with an even bigger personality! Frodo, a three-year-old pointer blend, had a lot going for him. He knew a few commands, had good house manners, and got along great with other dogs, kids, and even cats! He found what he was looking for: a family of his own. Adopted 10/08/15
buddy the dog

When Buddy's family could no longer afford to care for him, they brought him to the Humane Society of Utah. At eight years old, this one-eyed shih tzu was a champion lap dog. Affectionate and loyal, Buddy was also a master of detecting treats; if you had one he knew! He found a perfect match and was promised lots of lap time. Adopted 8/14/15
taz the dog

This captivating comedian's routine had all the staff members at the Humane Society of Utah in stitches. Taz, the year-old Lab mix, got his second chance at life after transferring in from an overcrowded shelter. It didn't take long for Taz to be named the funniest pup on the block. His new owners couldn't agree more! Adopted 10/10/15
koda the dog

Koda ended up at the Humane Society of Utah when his former owners decided they no longer had the time to care for him. This athletic two-year-old German wirehaired pointer wooed potential adopters with his golden eyes and charming personality. It all worked out for the charismatic Koda, who landed in his dream home. Adopted 8/04/15
sherman the dog

Easily mistaken for an adorable meerkat, Sherman, a four-year-old Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, left a shelter in California to call the Humane Society of Utah his temporary home. Small but mighty, Sherman could keep up with the most athletic of track stars! Running, jumping, and gobbling up treats were categories Sherman excelled in. He found his forever home with a family that valued his talents! Adopted 10/03/15
coco the dog

Coco, a pit bull blend, was dreaming of fields filled with daisies and green grass to roll in when he arrived at the shelter. He was too hyper for his last family and was looking to start fresh. At only ten months old, this big boy already knew a few commands and was ready to learn more. He joined a family that was eager to teach him. Adopted 10/15/15


Reprinted from Shelter Dogs in a Photo Booth by Guinnevere Shuster. Copyright © 2016 by Guinnevere Shuster. Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing.