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If You Have 2 Days...
Install a little life-changing wainscoting—one of the simplest ways to renovate your home without actually having to knock, rip or tear anything down. The paneling adds character to otherwise plain walls and also creates a line for the eye to follow around the room, making the space feel bigger. There are all sorts of different styles of wainscoting available, from beadboard to board-and-batten, that you can choose from. We love Young House Love bloggers Sherry and John Petersik's time-saving shortcut. The couple decided to skip the big, awkward boards of the board-and-batten, and simply install the batten, plus railing. (The one catch: You need smooth drywall. If you have textured walls, you will need those boards). The sweetest part? The couple spent $57 on the whole project. Leaving plenty of money left over for pizza and a movie on Sunday night.

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