Madeline 75th Anniversary Edition

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Madeline 75th Anniversary Edition
56 pages; Viking
We remember the house covered in vines and the watercolor Eiffel Tower, but after 75 years, let us not forget that Madeline is one of the original female badasses. She isn't afraid of mice, she scoffs at tigers, and she boldly flaunts her surgery scar like the Parisian Omar Little she is.

Ripley? Katniss? First there was Madeline, the smallest and sassiest of them all, who has spent the last three-quarters of a century showing us the bravery to be found in nothing more than a group of loyal friends, a chic yellow hat, and a well-timed "pooh-pooh."

This fall, celebrate the legacy of this fiercely original female with a special new edition that include extra features: a pop-up spread of Madeline's Paris and original illustrations sure to catapult you straight back to childhood.
— Natalie Beach