Harriet The Spy

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Harriet The Spy 50th Anniversary Edition
304 pages; Delacorte
Harriet M. Welsch is the patron saint of any girl smarter than the teachers, funnier than the boys, and just a bit different from everyone else. With her utility belt and barbed wit, she blazed a trail through New York's back alleys and dumbwaiters in a relentless search for the truth. Or at least a great story. Bring it on, bridge club, brownnosers, and Pinky Whitehead. You ain't got nothing on Harriet.

Check out this special new edition that includes extra features— a map of Harriet's Upper East Side spy route—and original illustrations sure to catapult you straight back to childhood. And really, what would childhood have been without Ole Golly? Where would we be now without that composition book full of secrets? Happy fiftieth anniversary, Harriet. Thank you for teaching us how to be different and how to be brave.
— Natalie Beach