Received by:
Robert O. Young
Sponsored by:
You, the Viewers and
Jeff Bezos,

Red Feather Development Group, founded by Robert Young, helps Native Americans on reservations to build their own homes.

How it Began: Seven Years Ago  
When Robert Young read in a newspaper about Native American elders freezing in their own homes, instead of turning the page, he decided to take action.

Building Hope
Robert's dream has grown from building just one house for Katherine Red Feather into an organization named in her honor.

How You Can Help  
Find out what's on the Red Feather Development Group Wish List.  

Special Thanks to Stanley Tools
When the people at Stanley Tools heard that Robert could use tools to build more houses, they donated $20,000 worth of tools to his organization!

For more Information, please contact:
Red Feather Development Group
PO Box 907
Bozeman, MT 59771–7187
PH: 406–585–7188
FAX: 406–585–7187


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