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In October 2007, a polygamist family appeared on the show to dispel some of the myths about plural marriages. Since that show, a West Texas polygamist compound founded by Warren Jeffs was raided after a 16-year-old girl reported being abused by her older husband in an arranged marriage. Child Protective Services removed 416 children from the compound. Of the more than 50 girls between the ages of 13 and 17 taken into custody, authorities say 31 were pregnant or had given birth.

Vicki, one of the wives we met in October, is here to share her opinion about what happened in Texas. She says she worries about the psychological trauma these children could face. "I just feel like they should have been [investigated] on a case-by-case basis. Take out the people who really were the perpetrators," she says. "It seems to me you're harming the victims. I understand and realize there's a very real possibility of abuse, but I feel the trauma to the people who are victims is even worse now. I think that they should have maybe offered some sort of mandatory counseling or therapy for all the people and leave them in their homes."
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Published on May 29, 2008


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