Oprah: Favorite food or meal to share?

Mitt Romney: For her, it's salmon. For me, it's meatloaf cakes.

Oprah: Meatloaf cakes?

Mitt Romney: Yes, she makes little meatloaf cakes with a sweet sauce on top. Meatloaf cakes and mashed potatoes. Best thing in the world.

Oprah: Wow. Breaded?

Ann Romney: A little bit of bread in the meatloaf itself, not on top.

Oprah: Got any of those in the kitchen? Did you make any today? [Laughs.] Okay, song that makes you turn up the volume.

Ann Romney: Roy Orbison, actually. Yes, anything with Roy Orbison we just really, really love.

Mitt Romney: "In Dreams."

Ann Romney: "In Dreams."

Mitt Romney: "Pretty Woman." "Crying'."

Oprah: Roy Orbison, okay. Household chore that you know you're good at?

Mitt Romney: Painting. I've painted rooms, stained floors. Oftentimes I don't even need to put down a drop cloth. I'm good enough at it. Right?

Ann Romney: Yes, that's true. However, I will tell you that when we moved to Tyler Road in Belmont [Massachusetts], you were really busy and I had Ben, who was a newborn baby, and I painted the entire house with one arm. The paint fumes may have done something to that child—that accounts for a lot.

Oprah: Okay, hidden talent.

Mitt Romney: Water sports. I grew up in Detroit, near the Great Lakes. So whether it's water skiing or disking, yeah. I have a round piece of wood, four feet in diameter, and I can stand on that and be pulled behind a boat and turn around in circles. But I also can put a stepladder on it, climb the stepladder, get to the top, turn around in circles on the top of the stepladder while being pulled behind the boat.

Ann Romney: Just think how much time this took to learn how to do.

Oprah: That is something I've never heard of.

Ann Romney: Me driving the boat, like, "faster," "slower"...this is how we spent our youth.

Mitt Romney: [To Ann] Do we still have that movie, with your brother and me doing that?

Ann Romney: I think so.

Oprah: Okay, all-time-favorite TV show?

Ann Romney: Oh, all-time favorite—Seinfeld, you think?

Mitt Romney: Seinfeld. Absolutely.

Ann Romney: It's so funny. We still watch it.

Oprah: In reruns?

Ann Romney: Yeah, the reruns. We're like, "Oh, wait until he says this."

Mitt Romney: Love Seinfeld.

Oprah: Okay, finish this sentence: "To my critics, I say..."

Ann Romney: You're wrong. [All laugh.]

Mitt Romney: Just you wait and see.

Oprah: "Just you wait and see." Okay, "My vision for the world is..."

Mitt Romney: More liberty. More freedom. Opportunity. And hope.

Oprah: Do you have a personal mantra?

Mitt Romney: Not really. [To Ann] Do you think?

Ann Romney: Yes, you do.

Mitt Romney: What's that?

Ann Romney: Pray, always be believing.

Mitt Romney: Oh, yes. It's in a book of scripture in my faith, and it says, "Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good."

Oprah: "What I know for sure is..."

Mitt Romney: God lives, my wife loves me, and my family is the most important thing in my life.

Oprah: Perfect. Thank you.

Ann Romney: Now we're taking a tour through the kitchen.

Mitt Romney: Really?

Ann Romney: Yes, because there's veggie trays.

Oprah: And the meatloaf cakes are in there.

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