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Days after Hurricane Katrina blew ashore, Anderson and Oprah's Angel Network team traveled to Waveland, Mississippi, a coastal community destroyed by the storm.

"In those dark, terrible days immediately after the storm, I saw things here which I'll certainly never forget," he says.

While in Waveland, Anderson came across unimaginable horrors, including a family of four that had drowned inside their home.

Two years later, he returns to this small Southern town to see how the community is coping. "Much of Waveland has started to rebuild," he says. "There is progress here."

Businesses have reopened, but many of the customers have yet to return. According to Anderson, only 60 percent of Waveland's population has moved back. "A lot of the folks [in south Waveland], nearest the water, haven't been able to rebuild because they haven't been able to get reimbursements from their insurance companies," he says.

Why should every American care about what's going on in these communities? "This is a test case. This is going to happen again. There's going to be another storm. There's going to be a terrorist attack. There's going to be something," Anderson says. "How we are treating the people there now, in Mississippi and New Orleans, is how we all will be treated the next time around. Is this really the way we would want to be treated? There's no doubt that the answer is no."


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