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The first thing you need to start eliminating food waste is a composting bin. The next step, Sophie says, is to create a "garbage lasagna" inside the bin, which eventually decomposes and becomes vitamin-rich plant food.

The garbage lasagna's first layer is made up of brown matter like sawdust and leaves from your garden. The second layer is green matter, which consists of everything from apple peelings and coffee grounds to egg shells and shredded bills. Sophie says you should not put fish, meat, eggs and dairy products in your composter because they attract rats and flies.

Once your layers are in place, Sophie suggests adding a booster to the mix every week. This component helps stabilizes nutrients and reduce odors.

Every week, Sophie says you should also use a mixing tool to move the matter around in the bin.

"Give it a really good fluff up," she says. "You need to aerate it. You mix the lasagna up to get oxygen into the lasagna."
FROM: Oprah's Earth Day Event
Published on January 01, 2006


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