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While Genevieve has collected tens of thousands of pajamas, she says it's never enough. There are hundreds of thousands of children in need.

What Genevieve doesn't know is that about a week before she appeared on The Oprah Show, the producers contacted every audience member—more than 300 people—and asked them to bring as many pairs of pajamas as possible. But there was a catch—they could only buy one pair each, so they had to get creative.

So, did they come through? Yes, they did! The audience brought Genevieve 32,046 pairs of pajamas!

Audience member Carolyn was resourceful in her quest to help. She got all her friends to donate—and even found a local business, BJ's Wholesale Club, to pitch in. In total, Carolyn brought 10,130 pairs of pajamas!

Four friends from Baltimore—Hillary, Emily, Jennifer and Tricia—also made a huge donation. They raised $20,000 in five days for the project. With the help of a discount from SkivvyDoodles, a company that sells pajamas, they were able to buy 5,000 sets!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Genevieve says. "I've never seen so many!"
FROM: I Walked Away from Millions
Published on April 03, 2007


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