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Lisa travels to Monroe, Michigan, to meet some of the 2,000 students who attend Monroe High School. Just like almost every American high school, Monroe is divided by cliques. Assistant Principal Denise Lilly says she can identify them by simply walking through the lunchroom. "You have your athletes that sit together," Denise says. "You have your African-American students who sit together, your Latino students who sit together."

Denise says she believes a lot of the tension at Monroe is race-related. "There's a lot of racial tension in the district and in the community," she says.

According to The 2003 National School Climate Survey, more than 800,000 students are verbally harassed every year in American high schools because of their race. "Last year we had a whole bunch of fights between black people and white people," says Dorian, a junior at Monroe. "They had the police at the school."

Similar to many other schools in the country, Monroe students also cope with issues like bullying, verbal harassment and teen pregnancy.
FROM: Oprah's High School Challenge
Published on November 09, 2006


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