How Old Are You Emotionally?

You know what it says on your driver's license. But sometimes you feel 17 or 10 or sometimes, yes, two. Use this quiz to recognize what age you're really functioning at—and how to grow up fast.

None of us grows up evenly. Supreme Court justices cling to schoolyard dirty jokes; corporate executives may sob helplessly over saucepans. You can't turn back the clock and be 16 again, but go to your parents' house for Christmas and you could hit 16 emotionally in about 20 minutes. While chronological age is progressive through time, emotional age is a layering of maturity over our earlier coping styles. Stress us, and we strip right down to basics.

The four emotional ages—infant, child, adolescent and adult—are marked by different ways of going about getting what we want. Answer these questions to discover your emotional age.

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PUBLISHED: 06/23/2008