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In 2002, Christina Hormuth's mother died of a rare form of cancer. Now, Christina wants to use her Pay It Forward Challenge money to help others fighting the same battle.

"After losing someone to this awful disease, the only thing that … would be even remotely part of my mom's spirit and her giving and love and caring and outgoing personality, would be to donate the money to a group … that has gone through what we went through," Christina says.

Christina drums up support from her company, family and friends, and collects an additional $6,706! She donates $1,000 to Imerman Angels, an organization that gives personal support to cancer patients by pairing them with survivors of the same type of cancer.

Through the group's founder, Jon Imerman, Christina meets Rebecca, a 26-year-old woman who is fighting colon cancer and struggling to pay her medical bills. Christina presents Rebecca with the remaining money to help pay for her treatments and surgeries!

But Christina doesn't want to stop there. "This has motivated me to step up and help spread the awareness of rare cancers that don't get enough exposure to the public," she says. "I am forever changed by this experience! I know my mom would be so very proud!"