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Dawn Plasencia of Boynton Beach, Florida, decides to perform good deeds for people who inspire her. Through a clinic for low-income families, Dawn contacts Sylvia, a mother of four who stays home to care for her 13-year-old disabled son. Dawn gives Sylvia $400, to give her kids a nice Christmas.

Dawn's next inspiration comes from Valree, who cuts her hair while she is on vacation in Sea Island, Georgia. Valree moved there so her parents could help care for her husband, who has health problems. While Valree cuts hair to support herself, her dream is to become a photographer. Inspired by Valree's zest for life, Dawn gives her $200 to follow her dreams!

Dawn's third recipient is Margot, a mother of two children, one of whom has special needs. "The amount of time and care that she dedicates to her family is like nothing I've seen before," Dawn says. She surprises Margot with $325 in gift cards and spa certificates!

"All three of these people inspired and changed me in some form or fashion," Dawn says. "So for that, I thank Oprah for allowing me the opportunity, to push me forward and make me step out of my box of what I might normally do."


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