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With her $1,000, Janet Page drives around her small town of Carlisle, Indiana, surprising strangers by paying for things they need. Her first stop is Carlisle's volunteer fire department, which needs a basket-type stretcher. Janet agrees to buy one to rescue people in hard-to-reach places.

Next, Janet heads to the local hardware store to buy dog and cat food for a kind woman who cares for stray animals in Carlisle—a city with no animal shelter.

After donating the pet food, Janet stops by the gas station, where she surprises customers with a free tank of gas. She also gives gas money to Carlisle Odd Fellows Cemetery for its lawnmowers and other equipment.

And when she hears a local kindergarten teacher needs new underwear for students who have accidents in class, Janet is there to help. She buys several pairs of boys and girls underpants to donate to the school.

Janet says the challenge filled her with joy. "[I am] happy that I could be a part of such a wonderful experience," she says.


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