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In addition to helping kids affected by Hurricane Katrina , Kimberly Herbert and her husband, Anthony, give a major thank you to two very special nurses.

Cindy Crowe and Susan Inglis offered top-notch care to the Herberts' goddaughter, Jasminne, who was born with a heart condition and died at 3 1/2-months-old.

"These ladies face death in children quite often. We can't imagine the stress this job has on them and their families," Kimberly says. "Because they went above and beyond the call of duty, we wanted to do something special for them."

So Kimberly and Anthony contact the Ross Bridge Renaissance Golf Resort & Spa in Hoover, Alabama, which donates a luxurious package worth $10,000 for the nurses!

At a ceremony in the Presidential Suite, Kimberly and Anthony—along with Jasminne's parents Shana and Jeff—present Cindy and Susan with roses and pictures and thank them for their kindness to baby Jasminne. The nurses receive a stay at the Presidential or Governor's Suite, including a consultation with a personal chef, a spa package and free golf lessons!

Cindy and Susan are thrilled with the luxurious present, though they never expected to be rewarded in such a way for their work. "This is fabulous to be treated so special for something I just love to do," Cindy says. "Jasminne was so special. She was, and we all remember her as our little princess. She was so special and wonderful and we loved her so much."


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