16 Ways to Make an Incredible Impact With Less Than $15

Twenty bucks buys movie tickets or a weekend's worth of lattes. But you can do a world of good - from feeding an endangered animal to educating a child - for even less.


Two books shipped to a classroom in Africa. In many schoolrooms on the continent, 20 children share one textbook.


A set of drumsticks for a low-income public school student learning to play the drums.


A field trip to a museum, concert, or theatrical production for a high-risk youth.


Two hours of prepaid phone time for a soldier stationed overseas to call home. Started by teen siblings in 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers has since mailed more than 1.5 million calling cards to American troops.


A one-burner kerosene stove for a family that would typically rely on an open fire. The stove is reusable and less environmentally taxing than the cutting of timber.


Measles vaccinations for 15 children in a developing country.


A week's worth of food for an abandoned dog or cat at a shelter run by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


A medical teaching doll, to be used in educating a child about his or her cancer treatment.