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Amy and Linda asked a remorseful Gary to take a picture with them—a moving experience for all of them.

"We wanted him to have a picture of us," Linda says. "We wanted him to remember who we were. The process often de-personalizes it for offenders. It wasn't just the state of Texas that had a gripe with Gary. He hurt living, breathing people—Amy, me, my husband, all of us who loved Kathy. But there was more to it than that for me. It was an enormously cathartic thing to be able to talk to him and to hear who he was, because he had been a monster and faceless person. … From the moment he walked in (the room), it was different for me. He looked so young. He still looked like a little boy. It was incomprehensible. He was bawling. I expected that he would be emotional, and I was really prepared for that. From the moment he walked in, I could never look at him the same again."
FROM: Coming Face-to-Face with Your Attacker
Published on October 25, 2004


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