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Liz had found pleasure in Italy and sat in the palm of God in India, but her journey wasn't complete until she went to Bali. "I wanted to do four months where I learned how to integrate [pleasure and devotion] and create a life where I had both of those in equal measure," she says. "That's what they do in Bali better than anywhere else in the world. They have all the joy and all the beauty of Italy and all the depth and spirituality of India, and they do it seamlessly. I thought these people have a lesson I want to learn."

On a previous trip to Bali, Liz met a medicine man named Ketut Liyer, who had predicted she would return one day. "I went back there following what he had said, 'You're going to come back here, and you're going to become my teacher of English, and I'm going to teach you everything about the world," Liz says. But when she finally returned, Ketut did not remember her.

Still, the medicine man took Liz under his wing. "I went to Ketut Liyer's house every day and sat at his feet. This man who had really never left his porch in this very small village and this very small island of Bali just allowed me to become his little student for a while," Liz says.

While sitting with Ketut, Liz says she learned a more simple type of meditation. "He said, 'Why do they make it so complicated in India with the meditation?' He said, 'I'll give you a meditation. Sit and smile,' he said. Even smile in your liver," Liz says. "Smile all the way through. Sit there and smile all the way through and see if that doesn't work a little bit to start to change your life and cause a little revolution in your mind."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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