Offering an olive branch

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When You Buddy Up to Your Worst Ex
He was the worst husband or boyfriend or never-precisely-defined person you dated for far too long. You fought. You sneered. He forgot to call. You forgot his birthday. You hated each other's politics, taste in clothing and favorite dessert. You broke up, to the relief of everyone. And yet, inexplicably, the two of you kept having lunch (real lunch, not lunch with benefits). Three years later, when he calls to congratulate you on your promotion or to give you advice about that certain somebody you're now seeing who might just be the big, fat, all-caps LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, your female friends are mystified and perhaps a little miffed. "That guy?" they may say. "Really? Remember the weekend at the ski house? Remember the toothpaste incident?" You haven't forgotten those not-so-ancient conflicts, of course; the outrage is seared into your memory. But there is something about this ex that makes for a wonderful platonic friend. You trust him. You two have been through the worst together—and perhaps come out of it a little wiser.


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