Jean Chatzky
If you're engaged to a man who has been divorced, there a few things you should do to protect your finances and future happiness, says author and certified divorce financial analyst Adryenn Ashley. Jean talks with Adryenn about her book Every Single Girl's Guide to Her Future Husband's Last Divorce.

Even though you and your future husband may be madly in love, his past divorce—and any financial agreements he's made with his ex-wife—could effect your financial future, Adryenn says. Whether it's the amount of child support he is supposed to pay every month or the way he and his ex split their assets, Adryenn says you have the right to know the details. "It isn't romantic, but neither is life insurance, neither is doing your estate planning—which everyone should do," she says.

Here some of the top issues Adryenn says you should square away before your main squeeze becomes a married man once again:
  • Read his divorce decree. "Really look at it, pull the document out … know what is in it," Adryenn says.
  • Get a prenuptial agreement. "Think of it like a business. When you go into a business with someone, it's because you have the expectation of doing great things together. It's the same thing with your marriage," she says.
  • Pull both of your credit reports and look at them together. "By looking at the credit reports and making sure everything is good—you know what is on there," Adryenn says. "You need to know what the risk factors are before you go into the marriage."
  • Keep separate bank accounts. "Have 'yours,' 'mine' and 'ours' accounts," she says. By keeping money in separate accounts, you can protect your finances from court-ordered payments to his ex, bill collectors and more, Adryenn says.
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