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When Robin Givens and Mike Tyson sat down with Barbara Walters in September 1989 to confront the rumors that their marriage was in trouble, millions watched. When asked if Mike ever hit her, Robin skirted the issue, saying "He shakes. He pushes. He swings."

Oprah: Do you regret the interview?

Robin: Well, I think that I was in no state to really sit and do anything and try to handle it. You know, I was such a precocious kind in the sense that [I thought] "I can handle it. I can make it work. I can go talk to the doctor and I'm going to save him and he's going to take medicine." I couldn't handle anything.

Oprah: You were pretty vilified at the time. … Let's address the gold digging.

Robin: This is what I would say about the gold digging: If I was digging gold, I had dug and hit the jackpot. There wasn't anything I wanted that I couldn't have. … You can't drive all those cars. I couldn't wear all those diamonds. … And if I was digging gold…why the hell, excuse me, would I leave [with nothing?] I didn't leave with pennies. I didn't leave my house with anything. I just left.
FROM: Actress Robin Givens: Life After Her Violent Marriage
Published on November 05, 2004