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In 2004, Moti got Ronit's phone number and placed a call that changed their lives forever. "I heard about this guy that was interested in calling me who has been in love with me for many, many years," Ronit says. "Since I'm a romantic, I decided I would give it a chance to see what comes up."

What do you say to someone who you've loved for years but never met? "I called her, [and] I said, 'You've been in my heart 40 years. I believe we are soul mates, and I believe we might be husband and wife someday,'" Moti says.

The first time Moti called, Ronit says they talked for a long time. "He sounded very positive and [he had] wonderful energy," she says. "I told him on the phone, 'Moti, I am almost 60 years old. I'm a grandmother of eight. Don't expect this 18-year-old to come down the runway.' Moti said, 'I know you. I know you from the age of 18. I know these eyes and I know you. I am waiting for you.'"

A year and a half after their first meeting, Moti and Ronit were married. "For sure we are soul mates," Ronit says. "We are like two 16-year-olds starting all over again. Moti loves everything about me, and he makes me feel like a real beauty queen inside out and outside in."

Though he didn't know things would turn out this way, Moti says he had to follow his heart. "I had a vision of having her eventually and really connecting with her in a soulful love, but nobody's really sure about this," he says. "You have a dream, and you try. You go for it."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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