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Season 13: "Season Premiere: Roseanne"
On September 8, 1998, Oprah welcomed a fledgling talk show host—Roseanne Barr. When asked who her dream interview was, Roseanne revealed it was Oprah! Before The Roseanne Show went off the air, Oprah granted Roseanne an interview and participated in a now-infamous arm wrestling contest.

Longtime Oprah fans may remember the debut of a few firsts—including Oprah's new, self-sung theme song (and music video) "Run On". "It has a lot of meaning to me because there is a Negro spiritual that talks about running on, seeing what the end will be," she said. "Meaning, running on even though you don't know what the future holds for you, you know who holds the future."

Later in 2011, Oprah would admit singing her own theme song might not have been the best idea. When the new theme song—and its music video—debuted, Oprah says she heard the truth with her own ears. "I'd been living in a fantasy world, because one thing I now know for sure, I was really out of my lane," she says.

Oprah also announced a change to the intention of the show. "As part of our new 'Change Your Life TV' series, an effort to every day live our lives with a sense of purpose and intention, we're going to set aside five minutes of our show to try something new. I call it 'Remembering Your Spirit'," she says. "Together we learn ways to find real joy and real peace in our lives starting from the inside."

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