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Hanna is talking to Detective Marshall at the hospital about the possible identity of the driver who injured her son, Benny. Hanna refuses to give any names, afraid that she might get an innocent person into trouble. Detective Marshall reluctantly accepts this and offers to drive Hanna home.

Over at the Cryer mansion, Wyatt is talking with Jim. Wyatt is struggling with guilt over his hit-and-run accident. Misunderstanding, Jim asks Wyatt whether he wants to get high again.

"Dad," Wyatt says quietly, "I don't ever want to get high again."

Wyatt suggests turning himself in, but Jim rejects the idea—his confession would ruin the lives of every member of the Cryer and Harrington families, not just Wyatt's. Wyatt asks about Hanna hearing his rambling about hitting a man with his car, but Jim says he'll take care of it.

"So then what can I do to show that I'm sorry?" Wyatt says.

"You keep yourself clean, you keep your head held up high, and you stay the hell out of trouble," Jim says.