SEASON 4, EPISODE 431 | AIRED ON 09/29/13

Oprah and Steven Pressfield: Unlocking Your Creative Genius

Best-selling author Steven Pressfield joins Oprah at her Maui retreat in Hawaii for an inspiring conversation about breaking down the barriers that keep us from realizing our purpose in the world. For anyone who has ever felt stuck, Steven offers practical insights he gained from his own struggles attempting to write his first novel, The Legend of Bagger Vance, which went on to become a best-selling book and a Hollywood feature film.

As he describes in his book The War of Art, Steven believes we all have our own unique creative genius. However, he says, there is an internal force—resistance—that often keeps us from expressing it. Whether you want to change careers, run a marathon, write the great American novel or be an entrepreneur, Steven's advice can help you express your deepest yearnings from the inside out.