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Oprah's on to her next chapter—what does yours look like?
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Oprah's getting out of the studio, experiencing new places, people and ideas. Now it's your turn. What's on your bucket list? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to meet? What do you really want to do? Tell your story—to yourself. Capture it all on your story board using images and words from our gallery—or upload your own! Use this as a daily reminder and action plan to make your vision come to life. Update it daily, or whenever you feel like it.

The new My Next Chapter Story Board is a free Web-based application available to all members, and it's easy to share with your friends (if you choose).

Dream it. See it. Share it. Achieve it. And repeat.


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With My Next Chapter Story Board you can:
  • Update your My Next Chapter Story Board at any time and save previous versions
  • Keep track of your different visions with an archive of your past My Next Chapter Story Boards
  • Write inspirational quotes, words and actions
  • Change your My Next Chapter Story Board as you change
  • Keep track of your life's journey with an archive of your past My Next Chapter Story Boards
  • Save image files to your desktop
  • Share your My Next Chapter Story Board with your family and friends


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