SEASON 2, EPISODE 202 | AIRED ON 09/30/12

Stephen Colbert

Oprah travels to Charleston, South Carolina, to visit with Emmy award-winning TV star Stephen Colbert and meet the man behind the alter ego seen on his popular late-night series, The Colbert Report. In this rare interview, he speaks about his close relationship with his 91-year-old mother, discusses his friendship with TV host and comedian Jon Stewart, and talks about the creation of his TV character.

Oprah joins Stephen for laughs and sweet tea on the porch of one of his favorite places in the world—his in-laws' 150-year-old home in Charleston, where he celebrated his wedding and spends Christmas with his family. The host of Comedy Central's critically acclaimed series offers a presidential prediction and reveals why he created his own super PAC. Plus, his wife, Evelyn, joins them for her first interview. Find out why she doesn't allow his alter ego in the house.