SEASON 2, EPISODE 116 | AIRED ON 03/17/13

John of God

Do you believe in miracles? Oprah travels to a remote corner of Brazil to meet John of God, a man known as the world's most famous faith healer and spiritual medium. She visits the Casa, the spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil, where John of God claims to have performed unexplained miracles for more than 20 years. Plus, Oprah gets an up-close look at surgeries performed on the sick—seemingly without the use of anesthesia or sterilization.

Oprah also talks with a man who traveled all the way from Sweden to go under the knife for a shocking surgery. Then, she sits down with five Americans who've come to South America hoping that John of God, the "miracle man of Brazil," can rid them of their physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. The group includes a nurse, a doctor and a physicist—yet none of them can explain the unbelievable events they witness on this day.