SEASON 2, EPISODE 213 | AIRED ON 10/07/12

Jason Russell

On March 5, 2012, filmmaker Jason Russell and his organization, Invisible Children, released the short film Kony 2012 online. The documentary brings awareness to alleged atrocities carried out by Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. In less than a week, Kony 2012 had more than 100 million views and became the biggest viral video in history.

Donations poured in, and the world was talking about Joseph Kony. By all accounts, Jason and his organization had succeeded. Soon, though, the praise gave way to criticism. Jason was even challenged on whether Joseph Kony actually existed. He was forced to defend his organization's finances and his own sincerity.

Then, Jason began to unravel. Just over a week after the film's release, cameras caught Jason walking naked down a busy San Diego street behaving erratically.

Now, in his own words, Jason takes Oprah inside his nervous breakdown, and his wife, Danica, speaks out for the first time.