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SEASON 2, EPISODE 203 | AIRED ON 01/29/12

Ted Turner

Ted Turner is one of this country's most successful entrepreneurs, with a list of accomplishments that are unrivaled in modern times. From an early age, Ted learned the value of honor, integrity and hard work, which became the cornerstone of his identity.

Ted turned the family billboard business into a media empire by recognizing opportunities and learning from mistakes. As the owner of the Atlanta Braves, Ted turned a struggling team into one of the most successful baseball franchises. As the founder of CNN, Ted befriended world leaders from both sides of the Iron Curtain. These experiences inspired him to think on a global scale and use his influence for good.

Ted has had some of the greatest ups and downs in business history, but the wisdom he gained has been put toward improving humanity and the environment. Having achieved so much, Ted now has his eyes set on one goal: helping to save the world.