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SEASON 2, EPISODE 205 | AIRED ON 04/01/12

Grant Hill

Grant Hill is one of the best-known players in professional basketball. After back-to-back national championships with Duke University, Grant went on to play in the NBA for the last 17 years. But he had to overcome many obstacles to become one of the most respected players in the game.

When he was a boy, Grant's father, who played in the NFL, set a high bar. If Grant wanted to play basketball, he had to get good grades. On top of emphasizing academics, his parents also taught him to live with respect—for people and for the game. Grant carried that lesson with him through life, and it helped him to understand that great players make their teammates better.

In his first six seasons in the NBA, Grant led the Detroit Pistons to the playoffs three times in a row. Then, Grant's career was nearly destroyed by a debilitating ankle injury. But after four surgeries and a life-threatening infection, Grant found his fighting spirit and managed to come out on top.