SEASON 3, EPISODE 305 | AIRED ON 08/24/13

Iyanla: Fix My Suburban Lie

Parents Traci and Andre ask spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant for her help in “fixing” their two adult children, who they feel are making horrible life choices. The parents blame themselves for their 24-year-old son Jovan’s “choice” to be gay and disapprove of their daughter Jazmin’s plan to marry her boyfriend (a man they’ve banned from their house at times). Both parents feel that the overwhelming stress and disappointment caused by their children's decisions are causing serious health issues. With the goal of healing the growing rift between the family, Iyanla works to demonstrate to the parents that they can indeed love and support their children, even when they do not agree with their decisions. She also helps the children understand how they should continue to make their own unique choices, even when their parents do not approve.