SEASON 3, EPISODE 302 | AIRED ON 09/06/14

Fix My Father with 34 Children, Part 1

In a special three-part episode, Iyanla travels to the Atlanta area to help a man reconcile faltering relationships with his children and their mothers as well as his own parents.

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Jay, a 44-year-old video producer, has fathered 34 children with 17 different women in addition to adopting nine other children. Jay finds it difficult to provide for his kids, and it's clear that he will not be able to successfully fulfill his role as a father until he addresses the underlying reasons behind his past reckless behavior.

Iyanla must help Jay come face-to-face with feelings of hurt and resentment that are the result of his parents' emotional abandonment of him. The void stemming from these unresolved issues has locked Jay in a seemingly endless negative cycle of women and children.

Iyanla must also address the wrongs caused by Jay's parents, as well as the pain and resentment his actions have caused for his children and their mothers.