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Wholesome and deeply religious, Ash, as she's known, is fashionably hip and quite sexy. "Actually," she says, "I don't think I'm really into setting trends or following trends. I just do my own thing." She loves traditional saris like this one she brought for Oprah. "It's very sensual!" Oprah says.

Ash also follows tradition and lives at home with her parents like most single Indian women. "Back home, you're a loser if you say, 'Mom, I'm out of here,'" Ash says. "In India it's more about the family, about living together, about remaining connected, and that's probably the most beautiful special thing about it."

Oprah: We did a show recently where we were looking at women around the world, and we were talking to French women at a cafe. ... They said [Americans] are all fat.

Aishwarya: I'm from India, I wouldn't say that because Indian people, Indian people eat well, we're well endowed.

Oprah: Do they say we're rude?

Aishwarya: No, Indian people are very hospitable.

Oprah: Do they say we talk too much?

Aishwarya: Opinionated maybe.

Oprah: Do they say we get a lot of divorces?

Aishwarya: Ah, that could be a discussion.

Oprah: You know what, you could be a diplomat!
FROM: Oprah Takes You Around the World
Published on April 25, 2005


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