Martin Lawrence, Tim Allen and John Travolta

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Martin says he was instantly attracted to the film when he heard John Travolta and Tim Allen were involved. "And then when they told me Bill Macy signed on I said, 'You know, let me go have some fun, enjoy it," he says.

When he arrived on set, Martin says he felt instant camaraderie with his co-stars. "We all wanted to work," he says. "It was hard enough to try to get us all together so we had to make it work, and we genuinely liked each other."

If there was a Wild Hogs rat pack, Martin says he would be Sammy Davis Jr. Still, Martin says he wasn't the jokester of the set—that was Tim Allen. "He's very funny, very funny," Martin says. Martin also had praise for John, whom he had not met before the project. "One of the nicest people I ever met in the business. Just a good guy," he says.
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Published on February 06, 2007