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When Oprah and country star Faith Hill met for the first time , they realized they had a lot more in common than both being "Mississippi girls." During rehearsals the night before Faith was scheduled to perform on The Oprah Winfrey Show , she sang a gospel hymn that just happens to be one of Oprah's favorites.

Oprah says the hymn, "I Surrender All," helped change her life more than 20 years ago.

When Oprah was auditioning for a role in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple , she says she became obsessed with getting a part in the movie and went to a "fat farm" to try to lose 50 pounds. While running on the track one day, Oprah says she began singing "I Surrender All" to try to let go of her obsession. "I prayed and I sang and I prayed and I sang and I cried," Oprah says. "I literally 'surrendered it.'"

Moments later, a woman ran out to the track and told Oprah she had a phone call…from Steven Spielberg. He offered her the role of Sophia and told her not to lose any more weight.

"That moment of surrendering was a life-changing moment for me," Oprah says. "I learned in that moment that you do all that you can do, and when you've done everything that you know how to do, you surrender it to the power that's greater than yourself."
FROM: George Clooney, Faith Hill and Kirstie Alley: What You Didn't See
Published on December 09, 2005


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