Carson Kressley visits the Running of the Brides.
They travel hundreds of miles, camp out overnight and wake up ready to sprint. This isn't the running of the bulls—it's Filene's Basement's Running of the Brides! Each year, thousands of brides-to-be line up for their chance to find wedding gowns at thousands of dollars off the resale price.

To get a firsthand look at this event, Carson traveled to Boston to check in with all of the women—and the few men—lined up the night before the event.

Watch the rampage that starts when Carson visits.

Several of the brides talked strategy with Carson—grab as many gowns as you can carry, guard what you have, and trade until you find the perfect fit. "It's sort of like baseball cards for girls," one bride-to-be says.
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Published on November 24, 2010


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