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Charlotte endured one of the most humiliating things that can ever happen to a woman in love. On the day of her wedding, her fiancé woke her up, saying, "We have to talk—I don't want to get married." Charlotte says her ex-fiancé has never been able to tell her why he broke up with her. "He's only ever been able to give me, 'Because,'" Charlotte says.

For 18 months, Charlotte and her fiancé didn't speak. Then, Charlotte contacted him. "I wanted to know just for myself," Charlotte says. "We had dinner. We ended up drinking a little too much and we ended up going to bed with each other. I know it messed me up. It brought back old feelings." That was three years ago but Charlotte is still looking for closure. Charlotte asks Greg, "Is it wrong for me to want closure from my ex-fiancé after so much time has passed?"

Greg says Charlotte's fiancé gave her closure, "Complete closure, the day of the wedding. He actually did you a favor in the worst possible, meanest, your-parents-should-want-to-run-him-down-and-get-him way. He did you a favor. He didn't marry you. Who wants to marry that guy? It's confusing what you did because you had breakup sex. Right? It's called 'breakup' sex. It's not called 'we're getting back together again' sex. Otherwise we wouldn't be here today."
FROM: The He's Just Not That Into You Revolution
Published on April 27, 2005