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The decision to record her most recent album, Reba Duets, came from a desire to do something special. Reba invited several of her musician friends to sing with her on the record—which presented a scheduling challenge. "It's hard, you know. You hate to put your friends on the spot," Reba says. "But they said, 'Yeah, let's go do it.' And it was so much fun."

Reba met Kelly Clarkson at the American Idol finale in 2002—the year Kelly won the title—and they've been buddies ever since. So when she was making the Duets album, Reba asked Kelly to join her. They teamed up to record a new version of Kelly's song "Because of You," which they perform on The Oprah Show.

Kelly was just 16 years old when she wrote "Because of You." She says it's about the "cycle of family"—how children act the way they do because of their parents. "It touched my heart so much," Reba says. "It's such a relatable song."
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Published on September 19, 2007