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Shmuley says we can't just blame kids for acting bratty or spoiled. Kids today, he says, are exhibiting a lot of anger because they feel neglected by parents who may put careers ahead of family.

"The one thing that kids need in huge doses is love," Shmuley says. "They're insatiable for it. They're not getting it."

Shmuley says parents have a hard time teaching discipline and respect for others because of three factors affecting many families.

1. Exhaustion: Parents can't say no because they don't have the energy to do so.

2. Guilt: Not being able to give more of their time, parents often give material gifts instead.

3. A Loveless Society: Shmuley says that "we don't live in a very loving society. People come from broken childhoods, they often have loveless marriages. The only love they get is from their children, so they're afraid to discipline them because they think their children won't love them."

Parents, Shmuley says, need to realize that discipline is love. "'No' is just as loving as saying 'yes,'" he says.
FROM: Moms Who Can't Say No
Published on October 06, 2006


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