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Criss's next trick is so dangerous that it could land him in a hospital! First, he selects two volunteers from the audience—Yvette and Amy—to help him with the scary feat.

While Yvette watches Criss to make sure he doesn't peek, Amy's job is to put a very sharp stand-up sushi knife underneath a foam cup. She then turns three other cups upside down and lines them up in a row. Criss's task is to determine which cup the knife is hidden under. But, to make things interesting, he is going to crush what he thinks are the empty cups with the palm of his hand. "This has severe consequences if I'm not correct," Criss says.

As Criss concentrates on the task, he asks Amy to put her right hand on his shoulder. "I'm going to try to utilize her and how she reacts to me to determine where the knife is," he says. Criss says he is using the lost art of Hellstromism, or muscle reading, to perform this trick.

One by one, Criss slams his hand down on two foam cups and doesn't find the knife. Finally, Criss smashes a third cup—and it's empty!
FROM: The Best!
Published on January 01, 2006


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