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After the truth was out, Justin says his father didn't stop him from producing pornographic material...he actually offered to help  "maximize the earning potential," Justin says.

Justin says that with his father's assistance, he created his most sophisticated website yet. Before long, the website had more than 1,000 adult subscribers who paid monthly fees to watch Justin perform in live sex shows.

Justin, who was 16 years old at the time, was having sex with prostitutes and broadcasting it on the Internet as many as three times a day. He says his father helped by finding women to sleep with him. "It's disappointing to think that your own dad would do that," Justin says looking back.

At first Justin enjoyed the website's financial success, but he began using drugs and found his life spiraling out of control. He didn't know who to turn to... until he met Kurt Eichenwald, a reporter for The New York Times.
FROM: The Young Boy Lured into Becoming an Internet Porn Star
Published on February 15, 2006


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