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On the show, Emily Osment plays Lilly, your character's best friend. Are you friends in real life, too?
"We're actually neighbors, so we hang out all the time and we go back and forth to each other's houses," Miley says. "Being on tour, it's really weird. She's shooting a movie right now, and not being with her every day is really hard. She's really cool."

Is Emily Osment one of your best friends?
"Yeah, she is. We're really close," she says.

Who's your best friend that's a star?
"All my friends are on the Disney Channel, because they're the only people I get to hang out with all the time," Miley says. "But one of my friends which I miss more than anything on tour is ... Ashley Tisdale. I miss her so much. She's on tour right now, and it's going really [well], and every time that I'm home when I want to go see her, she's working too. So I miss her a lot."
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Published on December 20, 2007