Miley Cyrus says she hasn't met her biggest fan yet.

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Have you met your biggest fan?
"I haven't. I've got my top five maybe narrowed down. ... one girl, she made like her entire room wallpaper of pure pictures of me and it's something crazy like 25,000 pieces of me," Miley says. "It's so awesome to get to see this."

Does the intensity of your fans ever make you feel weird?
"Only when my sister is one of those people that have the bedspread, the pictures, all that kind of stuff," she jokes. "That's weird."

Do you ever get annoyed when fans come up to you?
No, she gets nervous! "What am I supposed to say? Oh, my gosh. What do they expect? Do I look the way that they would want me to?" she says. "[Then I think], 'Okay, this is me and what they want to do is meet the real me.' So I think that's really fun. But I do get nervous sometimes."
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Published on December 20, 2007