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Loraine Hayes of Pleasonton, California, wants to use her $1,000 to help create a learning center at Heart-N-Hands For Kids Inc., an organization that cares for foster children until they are adopted or reunited with their parents.

Loraine buys two computers with printers for the children to use. Then she buys books for the learning center from a local library's "Friends Bookstore." The proceeds from the books benefit the library, so Loraine helps two organizations at once!

Loraine's sister also gets in on the act. She volunteers to beautify the center by painting a mural on the walls!

Helping the children at Heart-N-Hands makes Loraine—who has not been able to have children of her own—realize that she can still give love to a child. "[There are] so many ways that we can all impact a child's life other than biologically having one—through adoption, through foster care, through volunteer work, through mentoring a child," she says. "My heart feels so incredibly full and healed at this point from gaining this knowledge and feeling the impact of these children."


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